It is with a sad heart that I must temporally close Just Me

On December 27th I was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.  I was hoping to be able to continue my work with the Independent film community while undergoing Chemo therapy but that will just not be the case as this is a very aggressive cancer and required an equally aggressive approach to beating it.  Unfortunately it is too aggressive to continue to work and I must stop for a while.  You can follow my progress via a go fund me page my daughter set up to help defray some of the expenses we will be encountering in the next few months:

Thank you for your support and I will be back as soon as I kick this thing in the butt!

Now back to the regular website:

Being an independent filmmaker is a rough life. american-dbags When not writing a script you are busy putting together a team, finding locations, finding actors, understanding your limitations, and pushing those limitations as far as you can.  All the while counting pennies…

Been there, done that.

My name is Bob and I create corporate training films for a living.  My hobby is making movies and helping Independent Filmmakers (mostly in Atlanta) grow their projects.  Core concepts I am able to provide to a Filmmaker are compositing, tracking, rotoscoping, keying, matte painting, 3D modeling, and aerial video.

What?  No vampire-movieexplosions or muzzle flashes?

Yes, I do all those things, but there are a lot of things that go into creating a good independent film.  The least of which is the post production aspects.  Visual effects are not just explosions, gun fights, rocket ships, and monsters.  Visual effects is taking what can be captured on camera and combining that with what is captured in the imagination of the director.  Sure explosions and such have their place, but set extensions object removal, and screen/sign replacements can turn your ordinary film into something special.hate-city


I love all things post production and am lucky enough to be able to share my skills with you.

A few filmmaker friends of mine told me that I needed to create a website to share the kinds of things I do for filmmakers.

Welcome to that site…