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So you looked around and maybe found something interesting, or at the very least found something that leads you to contact me.


  • 2d/3d design & animationme-and-aiden
  • Video Editing
  • Set Extensions
  • Rotoscoping
  • Visual Effects
  • Color Correction & Grading
  • Titles & Credits
  • Aerial Video & Images
  • MTPP (Most Things Post Production)


First, I don’t do this for money, but I don’t do it for free either.  I have a real job creating corporate training films.  My real job pays all the bills and lets me I do dad1the things I love (like this) for fun.  My prices are very reasonable (my wife says ridiculously reasonable), and they are directly related to your enthusiasm for your project.  The more enthusiasm I see from you, the lower my price goes.  I generally charge nothing more than an O’Charley’s gift card, but I always charge something.  dad2I have learned that if I do it for free, then the recipients of my work tend to drag their feet.  So I always charge something so you have buy in into your project.

Because I have a full time job, I generally work evenings and weekends on Indie Films, and I am quite often booked dad-3weeks in advance, so it would be wise to contact me early about your project.

You can contact me at: