Visual Effects

My new found passion is to create visual effects.  Everything from set extensions to digital makeup to explosions and more.  I love it all.  The tools I use are the Adobe CC suite, Fusion compositor, SynthEyes, Blender 3d, Mocha, PluralEyes, and a few other plugins and applications.  I think it is key that the visual effects person or team is involved early in the process.  If a shot is defined as one that needs a visual effect, it is important that the director, camera man, or DP knows what to do in order to prep for the visual effect.

Here are a few examples of the things I can do.

The Gun Show

This is a short video I made for the producers of American Dirtbags.  After watching the clip they hired me to create all the VFX for their feature film.  This was filmed in my kitchen in front of a green screen.  Everything in the scene is fake.  “Billy Bigmouth Bass” roto’ed from a youtube video, but I thought it added so much to the scene…

Choo Choo Charley…

My wife and I went to the Gwinnett country fair and saw a really nice HO train setup. I grabbed my phone and took some video. Then ran home and (for a proof of concept) created this show train scene. This was kind of an experiment if I could use non professional models to represent real world objects.

Fusion 8 Virtual Room

This is a simple example of creating a fully functional 3d room from a photograph. I import the photo into Fusion then using camera projection techniques, image planes, and some old stock footage of a ballerina. Threw them all together in Fusion and this is the result. Photo realistic virtual sets are relatively easy to create, but can really pack a wallop in in final film.

Fake Epic Space Movie Ending…

I am still having a lot of fun with Fusion 8 and I thought I would try my hand at creating a space scene. This took about three and a half hours from blank canvas to this video.

The Roof

This is a short virtual set test I created.  Specifically it is a late night scene from the roof in some unnamed city…

Fusion compositor Jets

Fusion is my Compositor of choice when working with visual effects.  This video is a work in progress, and will be evolving over the next few weeks.  The video was actually created to be a training project to teach myself some of the more advanced features of Fusion.  Enjoy…

Boston Homicide

Done more for a test for a video idea for the Laughing Skull Lounge. The idea never went anywhere, but this is a good example of a completely fake “epic” opening for a short film.  This was created in After Effects using Element 3d.