Short Films

I am a huge fan of the 48 Hour Film Project in Atlanta, and for the last five years family and friends get together each June and create a short film in 48 hours.  And we have a blast every year!  For me, it is all about the logos. Each year I use this opportunity to come up with a new animated logo.  

2016 – Sorry, Wrong number

This year we had fantasy film, and we came up with a short time travel film. This was a special year because my grandson Aiden was in the movie. Lots of fun for what now has become a regular family event.

2015 – Earthquake the musical

Last year we had silent, this year we had musical. We wrote the songs in the morning and has everyone lip sync them to the audio track while in front of a green screen. I added a few flames and the audience loved it.

2014 – Charley’s List

We selected Silent Film, and this is what we came up with. We won the best writing award with this script.

2013 – Tinfoil and Blood

This has the highest production quality of any of the films. And the lesson we learned is that you can’t have this quality if you want to make it in 48 hours.

2012 – I love you too Jackson

This was my first 48 Hr film. Most of the cast and crew of this film are still with us today.